My World Cup 2006

My World Cup 2006 1.3

Predict the scores of World Cup 2006


  • Automatically generated entries
  • Highlight your favourite team
  • Stadium picture and link


  • Can’t save multiple score sheets
  • Can’t email to a friend

Not bad

Whether you’re a football fan or not, you can’t fail but notice that the World Cup is fast approaching. An exciting way to prepare is to predict the scores and the ultimate World Cup winner. You decide how many goals are scored, who finishes at the head of each group, which teams go on to the second round, and who becomes the next world champion. The most exciting part of it is to compare your predictions with the real scores when the World Cup will be underway. You can try out the official Fifa Predictor Game or you can test this alternative, My World Cup 2006.

The program consists of a form on which you can see the 8 different groups and all 48 first round match ups. As you fill in the scores, group statistics and standings are automatically generated. Once your group matches are done, move on to the second round and keep entering scores till you come up with a winner. You can save or print out your score sheet and consult it during the World Cup to see how close you get to actual results. It only takes a few minutes to fill but you can come up with thousands of different possibilities.

When My World Cup 2006 starts up, choose your favourite team to highlight its name on the form and follow its results. My World Cup includes extra information on the international competition, like pictures for all of the stadiums in Germany and links to the city and stadium official websites. You can also check out the date and time each game will be played by going to the view and schedule menu.

Unfortunately, My World Cup 2006 completely overlooks the social factor by not letting you save multiple score sheets or sending your predictions to your friends. This is what usually makes sports pools an exciting and durable experience whether with work colleagues or friends.

My World Cup 2006 is nothing more than a score predictor and you’ll enjoy it if you have five minutes to waste. With an integrated schedule and stadium information it packs a bit more options than regular predictors, however it’s a shame that the program doesn’t let you interact with other users. Still, anybody excited by the upcoming World Cup will find it fun.

Fixes a bug in game times and adds a Print button to the View Schedule screen


  • Fixes a bug in game times and adds a Print button to the View Schedule screen

MyWC2006 is a football (soccer) management program for the upcoming FIFA 2006 World Cup to be held in Germany. It consists of one big form where you can enter all the scores and immediately see the resulting standings and later match-ups. It's a very convenient and easy way to follow the World Cup.

Here are the program's features:

  • Enter your time zone so that all game times are displayed where you live (and supports daylight saving time)
  • All scores (group stage until the final) are entered on one easy to use screen
  • Chronological schedule so that you know when games are played
  • Clicking on a team highlights that team throughout the screen
  • Hovering over a game displays a hint showing the date, time, and city where the game is played
  • Stadium information
  • Links to relevant web sites
  • Ability to print a report (to a file or printer)

My World Cup 2006


My World Cup 2006 1.3

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